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  1.增补(Addition) > in addition, furthermore, again, also, besides, moreover, what is more, next, finally.

  2.比较(Comparison) > in the same way, likewise, similarly, equally, in comparison, just as

  3.对照(Contrast) > whereas, in contrast, on the other hand, unlike, on the contrary, while

  4转折性过度 > however, nevertheless, instead

  5.因果(Cause and effect) > because, because of, for, since, due to, owing to, thanks to, as a result (of), accordingly, hence, so, thus

  6.强调(Emphasis) > certainly, above all, indeed, of course, surely, actually, as a matter of fact, chiefly, especially, primarily, in particular, undoubtedly, absolutely, most important

  7.让步(Concession) > although, though, after all, in spite of, still, provided, while it is true....

  8.例证(Exemplification) > for example, for instance, that is, namely, such as, in other words, in > this case

  9.总结(Conclusion) > to sum up, to conclude, in a word, in short, in brief, all in all, in all, in summary

  10.推断(Inference) > therefore, as a result(of), consequently, accordingly, so, otherwise

  11.时间和空间(Time and space) > afterward, after, first, later, then, soon, outside, near, beyond, above, > below, on the right(left), in the middle, opposite, in front of



  Principal原理 focal point重点 symposium专题讨论 instruction指导 appraisal鉴定 tutoring辅导 grade report成绩单 admission录取,入学 percentage grade百分制 achievement成绩 basic skill基本技能 observation观摩 impart传授 common sense 常识 the acquisition of knowledge 求知 system of education教育制度 aim/ goal of education 教育目标 intensive training强化教育 professional training业务培训primary education初等教育 secondary education中等教育 higher education高等教育 parental education父母教育 continuing education继续教育 major主修专业minor辅修专业 facility设施 sense of responsibility责任感 bring up教育,培养 all-day school全日制学校 boarding school寄宿学校 extra-curricular课外的 outdoor activities户外活动 elitist出类拔萃的人才 bookworm书呆子 rote死记硬背 child prodigy神童 motivate激发 anticipation期望;预料 teamwork团队合作 repository知识宝库 lay a solid foundation打下坚实基础 alma master母校 learning object 学习目标insight洞察力 rack one’s brain绞尽脑汁 be absorb in专心于


  generation gap代沟 guardian 监护人 association场合 lifestyle生活方式 parenting养育子女 hold one’s view 持有个人观点 by nature生来 infancy幼年 rebellion反叛 harmony协调,和谐 bonding 亲密关系 reserved含蓄的 gregarious 合群的 cherished珍爱的 amiable和蔼可亲的 wholesome有益健康的 time-consuming耗时的 labor-saving省力的 public virtues公德 take potluck吃顿便饭 eat out 下馆子吃饭 convenience food 方便食品 alienation 疏远 apathy 冷漠无情 living space 住房空间 buy sth. In installments分期付款do window-shopping 逛商场 mass sports activities大众体育活动 well-being舒适 sound health 健康的身体 age group年龄阶段 occupation disease 职业病 prodigality浪费 family circle家庭圈子 common interests 共同兴趣 like-mind 志趣相投的 food and drink hygiene 饮食卫生

  dispose …of 处理 set a good example 树立好榜样 develop the habit of 养成…的习惯


  rush hour 上下班时间 day shift日班competitive 竞争的 team spirit团队精神 indolent懒惰的 sagacious有远见的 devoted全心全意的 perseverance 锲而不舍;坚定不移 constant effort不懈的努力 superordinate上级的 status地位;身份 client客户 talent人才 big business 大公司 commercialization商业化 market economy 市场经济 benefits 福利 straightforwardness坦率 absenteeism 旷工 commodity商品consumption消费 fidelity 忠实 originality 创意 prospect前景 dominate占优势 self-discipline 自律;自我修养 blossom兴旺发达 framework体制 live up to 不辜负 dedicate one’s life to 为…奋斗一生


  infrastructure 基础设施 congestion拥塞 commute乘公车上下班 unceasingly川流不息的 thought-provoking发人深省的 unspeakable无法形容的 undeniable不可否认的 distorted 扭曲的 crime rate 犯罪率 susceptible 易受影响的 embodiment体现,具体化 provincial地方性的 miraculously奇迹般的 ecol**ical balance 生态平衡 food chain食物链 contaminate污染 air pollution大气污染 sand storm沙尘暴 pollutant污染物 solid waste固体垃圾 household garbage生活垃圾 industrial waste工业废料 greenhouse effect 温室效应 global warming 全球变暖 food shortage食物短缺 rare species 稀有物种 extinction灭绝 run out 耗尽 preeminent 杰出的 brilliant有才华的 dig up挖掘 have nothing to do with与…无关 make up for补偿 be entitled to有权利 give rise to 引起


  high-tech 高科技的 cutting edge领先技术 apply 应用 information age信息时代 info highway信息高速公路Internet age 互连网时代 modern civilization现代文明 frontier of knowledge 知识前沿sophisticated尖端的,高级的two-edge weapon双刃剑 computer crime计算机犯罪 reliance依赖 space exploration空间探索 artificial intelligence人工智能 coverage 覆盖率

  To Signal Sequence or Addition:并列

  again, also, besides, furthermore, in addition, moreover, too, one...another, first..second..third

  To Signal Time:时间

  afterward, as soon as, at first, at the same time, before, earlier, finally, in the meantime, later, meanwhile, next, now, soon, subsequently, then, until

  To Signal Comparison:类比

  also, likewise, similarly, by the same token, in comparison

  To Signal Contrast:对比/转折 (注意和comparison的区别)

  but, although, even though, despite, however, in contrast, instead, meanwhile, nevertheless, nonetheless, on the contrary, on the one hand..on the other hand, still, whereas, yet

  To Introduce Examples:举例

  for example, for instance, namely, thus, specifically

  To Signal Narrowing of Focus:讨论细化 (这个一般少有讨论,但很实用)

  after all, indeed, in fact, in other words, in particular, specifically, that is

  To Introduce Conclusions or Summaries:总结

  as a result, consequently, in conclusion, in other words, in summary, therefore, thus, to conclude

  To Signal Concession:让步

  admittedly, certainly, granted, naturally, of course

  To Introduce Causes or Effects:因果

  accordingly, as a result, because, consequently, hence, since, so, then, therefore


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