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  托福写作考察的话题相对GRE来讲,不管是从问法还是内容,都趋向于生活化。那么话题简单,不代表我们应该写得也简单,因为写得简单就体现不出我们的深度分析能力或者说是亮点,换言之,独立写作话题作为controversial issues,我们需要分析出它的complexity。那么所谓的逻辑推理能力,我们要符合老美的线性思维特点,从A到B, 中间要一步推一步,从A最终走到B。


  Topic: Since the world is busy and crowded, people don't need to be polite to others. Agree or disagree?

  One paragraph from my student:

  Being polite improves our relationships and thus increases our efficiency. Indeed, we have to pay more cost to deal with a lot of people such as roommates, classmates, workmates and new friends, which seems that if we don't have to treat these relationships politely, it could save more time and energy to focus on something more productive such as our own business, career or habits. However, politeness can be a tool used to show our friendliness and respect to others, and they usually do the same to us, which help us to save our time and energy to ensure things well. If we need help, we couldn't expect that we are yelling someone rudely and at the same time ask him to do us a favor.


  Nobody can deny that we can benefit from showing courtesy. On one hand, the competition in modern society has attached cooperation with unprecedented significance since different individual has their distinct ability, specialty, and insightful ideas which can be rather contributing. Indeed, effective cooperation base itself on harmonious relationships with others. If we show others none politeness and ignore their feeling just because we are busy, the negatively influenced ties with others, say our teammates, workmates, will undoubtedly hinder our collaboration which can be destructive for both bosses and employees. Beside, being polite can also save ourselves a lot of unnecessary frictions and displeasure. Image we had a serious quarrel with some one on morning subway just because he or she unconsciously pushed us due to overcrowds. We will be engulfed in an unhappy mood the whole day and this can decline our working passion and efficiency. This is not worthy and can be avoided. In this case, and most cases actually, showing politeness is certainly a more advisable choice.


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